Points to Consider Before Hiring a Bartender.

It is not easy to find a bartender and if you are into bar or restaurant business, a good bartender can bring a lot many goof changes for your business. You might come across many people who master the art of missing drinks and preparing cocktails but there are not many who are friendly and can bring in sales. Before hiring a bartender, consider the following points.

A bartender job is usually much more than just mixing drinks. He might be required to serve drinks at the tables and also take care of the customers who sit at the bar. A bartender also need to keep a stock of the beer and other drinks and fill the fridge and other liquor shelves as well. He or she might also need to place orders of beers, other alcoholic drinks and also non alcoholic drinks like soda and lime cordial.

There are few traits that every bartender should possess. He or she should be able to take the orders from the customers and also help the other staff. A bartender also needs to be very responsible as he or she needs to take care of the bar cash and it surely is a huge money. No other staffs apart from the manager have this huge responsibility. Sometimes, they also need to lock up the bar after matching all bills and documents and for this reason alone, you need someone who is honest and trustworthy. So before hiring a bartender, check his background and talk to his or her previous employers. References are must when choosing a bartender.

A bartender needs to be good listener and also understand his or her customers. People visit bar for a variety of reasons. While some visit bars as they are lonely and need someone to talk to, others visit to spend some quiet time alone after a hard day of work. In the first case, if the bartender listens to the person and chat with him or her, he or she will be happy to come back to your bar but if your bartender does the same with a person in the second situation, he or she won’t ever come back.

Most bars offer dining options and a bartender should always offer that and also suggest about the various snacks that are available. A bartender should be able to handle drink customers and should also be experienced. 

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Comment by Janet Willson on August 19, 2014 at 6:26am

Do you have any bartenders tips and recipe? please share with me.

Comment by Janet Willson on June 25, 2014 at 2:58am

What is your best bartender?

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