Yeah ok, I know that as a server you have about a million things running through your mind at every second when all of your tables are full and you just got double sat and table 35 just spilled their drink and you have to make sure somebody (if not yourself) cleans it up, but come on! Is it really that much harder to scrape the plates completely off? Or to grab that plate of food that needs to be run to table 12 and bring it on your way to drop the check at your table? How about when you see that we're running low on plates and you're standing there texting? Don't look at me like, "what that's not my side work" or "why are you asking me do do that? you've only got a check under one arm, two togo boxes under the other, a pitcher of water in one hand and dirty dishes that you bussed from my table in the other". 

     I do not tolerate stupid excuses or lazy behavior! What I also do not tolerate is rudeness! There is a nice and polite way to say everything. There is no need for snapping, raising your voice, or sass. Cause I can promise you that whatever you give, you're going to get right back. So why not avoid all the conflict and drama and ask nicely in the first place? It will save everyone a whole lot of frustration in the long run!  

     Common guys! We are all a team. From the cooking staff, to the dish boys, we all have to work together. If one part doesn't do their job, we're all screwed. We are like a machine. If all the parts don't work together for one desired outcome, we are all going to fail. So please, love your fellow servers, your expo, your kitchen staff, and even the dish boys. For at least as long as it takes till your shift is over. 

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Comment by ANDRE DUKIC on January 14, 2012 at 12:17am

Great blog post thx Nicky!!!!!

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