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Really, you have to scam a small business?

So we've been getting phone calls on a regualr basis at the restaurant that make me so angry.  They involve scams of course.  Fortunately we have not yet become a victim of a major one but it's not for lack of trying on the scammers' part.  Here are 3 scams we are currently dealing with on a recurring basis:

1) Food donations…


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Pet Peeve of the Day: Feet

Ok, so I don't have anything against feet in general.  I'm not saying I'm fond of them or that I have a fetish of some kind; it's just not that kind of blog.  My peeve of the day...especially a warm weather customers who find nothing wrong with removing their shoes in the restaurant.  Yea, I know; it's gross!  I work in a restaurant & sports bar in the suburbs, thousands of miles from the oceanfront,…


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How to annoy your server (not to be used as an instruction manual)

This is not meant to actually be instructional...there are many who need no instruction at all.  That being said, I know that we can all relate and have instances to share.  I swear on the holy menu that  all of these have really happened, although I'm sure you all know I couldn't make these things…


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Pet Peeve of the Day: Cell Phones

  The hostess will seat you when you GET OFF YOUR PHONE!  I get extremely irritated by people who walk in while they're talking on their phones.  This usually has one of the following outcomes:

1) They give me the…


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Customers We Love

 I work in a place that has some of the best customers you could ever ask for.  You know the ones; at any given time they can make your job easier, less stressful, or just plain fun.  While we’re happy to serve most of our customers, there are some who just deserve a little bit of recognition.…


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More Than Just A Pretty Face

So much more than a pretty face.


I sometimes come across people who are under the impression that a restaurant hostess is basically nothing other than the pretty face that greets customers with a scripted, somewhat…


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Yes, it's's Friday night!

So it's Friday night and our restaurant is fortunately busy as usual.  The dining room and bar tables are usually filled by 5:30 pm and from that point untill about 9:30 we're on a wait.  We have a lot of regular customers who come in, know they're going to have to wait and happily get a cocktail at the bar or sit in the waiting area while I put their name on the wait list.  It would be amazing (although not…


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