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Bar Professional - New Industry Discounts - Premium Online Courses

BAR PROFESSIONAL is now offering half-price Industry Discounts for 5 of our 8 premium online bar courses to anyone currently working in any position in the business who wants to up their game and become more valuable to their employer.

Here is the link to the page to go to on our website for…


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Bar Professional

For all of you professionals in the business, in case you're interested in cross-training into learning the bar to increase your value in the field, we now have five courses available online:

Basic Level Bartending

Professional Level Bartending

Expert Level Bartending

Master Level…


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New Book Release > Cocktails on the Brain: 50 Word Search Puzzles


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New Book Release > The Bitters Revival: 60 brands - 360 Flavor Entries

A quick reference guide into all of the different Bitters currently available on the market today, along with their…


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New Hospitality Education Launch

Announcing the opening of our online bar courses, colleague Kellie Nicholson and I would like to welcome you all to our new website – . Most of this entire year has been taken to put it all together in an…


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Points to Consider Before Hiring a Bartender.

It is not easy to find a bartender and if you are into bar or restaurant business, a good bartender can bring a lot many goof changes for your business. You might come across many people who master the art of missing drinks and preparing cocktails but there are not many who are friendly and can bring in…


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Hey Guys! I'm just launching my community for waiters and waitresses at and was wondering what you guys might want to see on it? Its got to be both extremely helpful and awesomely entertaining. What do you think?

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Bartender, Bar Drink, Bar Menus, Restaurant Recipe, Grill Recipe, Restaurant & Bar Food, The truth about the Martini.


A new law in Michigan will allow bars to stay open and provide entertainment until 4 a.m. The law is not designed to lengthen liquor sales but to allow patrons to sober up before…


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Ellen's Favorite Waitress gets a brand new car! What do you think?

Enter Sarah

    So I'm sure all many of you heard in the news in the past few weeks about a 22-year-old New Hampshire waitress named Sarah Hoidahl who very kindly paid for the meal ($27.75) of two soldiers after overhearing how the government shutdown had put them on a leave of absence and left…


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To Write or Not to Write? The Pros and Cons of Memorizing Orders

SOME SERVERS have the amazing ability of listening to a table’s order and remembering every small detail without ever touching a paper and pen.  Some can take…


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Both Sides Now

Owning/Running a business that is greatly reliant on the success of it's servers is so immensely different than being a server.  I now understand how well-designed operations, ongoing training, and continuous re-appraisal is vitally necessary for everyone involved to be successful. 

Joining WT and reading what's being posted, I remember what it's like to work for someone who didn't take the time to design their operations in a way that inspired discipline, loyalty, and…


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Reserve Responsibly: The Do’s and Don’ts of Reserving a Table at a Restaurant

The Waitress Confessions is a blog about my daily life working as a waitress.  I’ve been working in the food and service industry for over 8 years having experienced the restaurant business from several different angles. My experience has been anything from hostess to waitress and expeditor to floor manager which has inspired me to share…


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6 Helpful Tips Before Applying

6 Helpful Tips Before Applying For The Restaurant Job 

1)     When going into an establishment and asking for an application don't have a hand full of other applications with you. If you have other applications in your hand, it makes it look like you are applying to any and every…


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Just Another Day at Lakeside, except for #12

I worked behind the bars at the famous Lakeside Golf Club from 1999-2002. Nestled away and off the beaten path, it sits over the city borderlines of the Burbank/Toluca Lake area of the San Fernando Valley, yet literally just a golf swing from the Warner Brothers and Burbank Studios across Olive Avenue, with NBC and Walt Disney Studios nearby, and…


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Why Servers are the most Diversely Skilled Individuals

When you go out to eat with a group of friends, it is always easy to identify the person who has never worked in the service industry. They're the one who is short on patience with the wait staff, tip little, and typically leave the restaurant with a negative attitude if everything wasn't absolutely perfect. But take a moment to think about other social scenarios. Or even other…


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There are No Small Roles

     The years of 85’-87’, I was bartending at Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus Restaurant in Burbank, California. It sat right off the 5 Freeway, between Bombay Bicycle Club and Bobby McGees. Still a young bartender then, I was fortunate enough to work with some high-volume guys that brought me up to speed. All of them had been there for some years already,…


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The Ducati Event

Close to three years ago I worked the bar at a party for the unveiling of the new Ducati motorcycle in conjunction with Lorenzo Cycles. Their shop is on La Cienega in L.A., and this is where the event took place. I was working with Bill and Emily of Conquest Entertainment, who work with John Paul DeJoria of Patron tequila in producing all of their brand-sponsored bar…


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Secret Serviced

     In early January 2008, I got a call from a staffing agency I’m connected with to work a special event, of a political nature. The Reagan Library is located off the Olsen Road exit on the 23 freeway in Simi Valley, about 30 minutes from where I live, going West.

Over the phone, Tim asked me if I was available to work on Wednesday, January 30. I said “Yes, I’m open in my…


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Christmas Eve on Mulholland Drive

It’s another December 24th, and once again, I know where I’m scheduled to be tonight. People are heading home from their shortened work days and maybe some office parties, possibly making a last-minute mall stop, and I’m slowly getting ready to go to work for the evening. No matter where…


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The Original Platinum Blonde

In October 2009, I worked the bar of a private party at the old home that was once leased and lived in by actress Jean Harlow in the late 20′s and early 30′s, on 512 N. Palm Drive, a several block street sitting between Sunset and Wilshire. This was her last residence before…


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