There are many, but for me, it's giving the verbal tip in lieu of an appropriate monetary tip, like I can use that to pay my mortgage. If someone doesn't want to pay for table service, which in most cases is not included in the bill, then they should not go to places that give table service! They should stop taking up the server's table and ripping them off. Let me tell you a little story that happened to me.

I was waiting on a mature four-top, of which two were celebating their anniversary. None of them had been to the restaurant previously. I showed them how our menu works, offered suggestions and answered many questions, all of which were fine. That's part of my job. Everyone had a great time, straight through the flaming dessert. The time came to present the check and the praises began. They even made a point of telling the manager how great everything was. As I returned to the table to gather the CC slip they continued to rave and complement me about how wonderful everything was. As they were getting up to leave I thanked them for coming and before I could react the older lady grabbed me, kissed me on the cheek, and gave me a big hug. Not a friendly little summer camp of a hug but one of those family-reunion-creepy-relative type hugs. I was speechless and stunned. Afterwards, I was hoping for an equally enthusiastic gratuity. I returned to the service station, opened the check presenter and there it was, an almost 10 percent tip! (WOOT!)

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I like the hug part :) and then 10% Fantastic!!!!:))))

10% seems to be the new idea of what is standard.

I hate when i have guests from Europe, in start they think that they invent all the things in the restaurant business and then they ask about some stupid Sh**t and they dont tip.... My friend that is from Europe call them Euro Trash !!!!!! 


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