This comment was from a member of WT to a thread on my FB fan page.

Just so everyone knows:

  • I am extremely driven.
  • I am very protective of my family.
  • I have frequent flier miles to fly me to Siberia and back 100 times over. 
  • My Father in law's best friend is a PI

Know that.

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Please watch your language !!!!!

Just out of curiosity, is it just language in comments, that should be watched, or in posts as well?  Because in this post:

I take an umbrage to being addressed by NAME and called a "douchebag" a "prick" and a "pussy."

And obviously you are not overlooking the threats of allusion to threats of violence, right?  In addition to the response above (a generalized threat in which he cautions that he knows private investigators and is willing to travel) In this post: He goes on to issue a threat that is specifically directed at me saying that I'm "lucky" that he lives 2,000 miles away from me.

I know that passing over these allusions to physical violence was a mere oversight on your part though.  Obviously you would never condone such statements on your site and allow them to pass without cautioning the offending party in the same way that you've elected to monitor for "language". 

Wow.  Can we stop this?  Can we stop the name calling, the threats, and all the other adolescent behaviour and just get along like adults?  This site was created to help food service employees better their craft, share their stories and get to know each other.  It was not created as a gathering place for trolls.  If you fighters want to be jerks to each other, go create your very own blogs and do it there.  This is a COMMUNITY spot and you guys are bringing everyone down.


Mind your business, no one was talking to you.

What you are looking at is one bad apple --one cheating, lying, violent delusional bad apple-- behaving badly when the people that he has attempted to victimize assert themselves and refuse to continue being harassed and bullied.  I won't tolerate his abusive behavior, and I won't tolerate you condoning it by addressing a group of people for his actions when you should be addressing the individual.  You are not an admin on this site, so refrain from speaking on the site's behalf.  The business that you should be tending to is your own.

Aldready did, homie.  My last two comments were not *to you* so just go find your way back to something that involves you.  If I want to hear from you you will know because I will speak to you, but I'm really content with having nothing to do with you ever again, so don't sit around waiting.

You are absolutely correct.  I will quietly count my contest winnings in the corner while you continue to make an a$$ out of yourself.  When I get tired of that, I will tend to my very own successful blog where trolls aren't welcome. 


Get over yourself already.  You're not special.

Yellowcat always makes me smile. I think every staff has a momma lion on it. I always get along well with the ones I work with. I think you would probably be able to take that role from any of them I have worked with. That is high praise.


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