Scammers 8 Replies

This might help someone to know what to look for.True story. Five ladies and a small child were in my restaurant. Not to be racist but on the off chance that you have the same ladies in your section they were hispanic.Everything was OK, until the end of the meal. They ordered a meal to go. I made the salad freshly and brought the food. I asked if there was anything I could get out of their way. one woman handed me her plate the other four  had their forks poised above the last bites of food,…Continue

Started by Marianne Casper in Sample Title. Last reply by Janet Willson on Tuesday.

How do you transport beer? 9 Replies

Wines and applies to bottle shares or parties and get together of that type.Does anyone have any preference on bottle bags or coolers and things of that nature,any features that you prefer or look for in such a product?Continue

Started by Janet Willson in Sample Title. Last reply by Janet Willson Sep 12.

Restaurant Shows on TV 9 Replies

I am so hooked on shows like Restaurant Impossible, Restaurant Stakeout, Bar Rescue, Dinner Impossible and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  Do you watch any?  Have a favorite?Continue

Started by FOHMIstress in Sample Title. Last reply by Janet Willson Aug 18.

Phone Charger Requests? 1 Reply

Do any other waiters get requests for Phone Chargers often?How often per night would you say? Continue

Tags: cell, charger, phone, restaurants

Started by Chris K in Sample Title. Last reply by Waiters Today Aug 9.

What u do when u have a co-worker jealous? 5 Replies

This guy doesn't talked 2 me @ all bcause I tell him what it's wrong,he never helps,he is good selling but while he is doing it,most of us r running his food. When he doesn't get what he wants he just gets jealous.

Tags: Karen., A server trying to be fair

Started by Karen Lemus in Uncategorized. Last reply by Janet Willson Jul 24.

What would you do? 5 Replies

OK, so the other night I am working my regular dinner shift at a family restaurant and deli. The place has been in business for 25 years, and his highly regarded by many in the local area and beyond. Things have definitely been tough the last several years, and the owner is trying to bring this place back to lifeSo he hires this new manager for the dining room, to bring a new prospective and to energize usBack to my story. So i bring to the attention of the manger that my table who ordered 2…Continue

Tags: meeting, burgers, pre-shift, room, dining

Started by Noam Sokolow in Sample Title. Last reply by Janet Willson Jul 8.

Pretty Sketchy 3 Replies

There is a family that frequents our restaurant that almost always asks for donations for various events with a specific charity.  We know they do a lot of work with this charity because 2 of the family members are afflicted with this ailment.  Today they came in with a gift certificate that we had donated.  While there is a chance that they came by this fair and square (an auction item or a prize) the servers all began mentioning the fact that they always seem to have one.  Today's was…Continue

Started by FOHMIstress in Sample Title. Last reply by Janet Willson Jun 24.

LinkedIn 1 Reply

What is the best way to get more to join a LinkedIn group? I am familiar with Facebook and Twitter, but have found that LinkedIn seems to be a bit more difficult. Can anyone offer some advice or tips?  Thanks. LinkedIn GroupWaitress Resume/ Restaurant InsiderContinue

Tags: help, waitress, advice, linkedin, resume

Started by Restaurant Insider in Uncategorized. Last reply by Janet Willson Jun 23.

reward $$$$ 1 Reply

Hi,Was trying to think of something cooler to introduce myself with but I guess the good’ol “Hi” will have to do.I am new to NYC and yes I am an actor and yes I am a waiter. I worked previously in Boston as a server and only have catering experience and bussing experience in NYC from a previous stint here. So to get down to nitty gritty as they say I am having a shit ass luck with landing a job here. So I propose to anyone who knows somone who can hire me I will pay a $150.00 reward. I have a…Continue

Started by Michael gonzalez in Sample Title. Last reply by Janet Willson Jun 20.

Legislation to CUT the hourly salary of servers(waitresses,waiters) and bartenders from $4.65 to $2.13 an hour!! 2 Replies

While I myself am not in the food industry (a Minister here), the State of Florida is currently in the process of working on legislation to CUT the hourly salary of servers and bartenders from $4.65 to $2.13 an hour. From what I understand, this is not a 'mandatory' action that would affect every business in the state, however it is being pushed by and certainly would be enforced by most of, if not all of the large 'chain-style' restaurants & bars. This bill is being pushed by the…Continue

Tags: hourly, pay, bartender, server, legislation

Started by Waiters Today in Uncategorized. Last reply by Janet Willson Jun 18.

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The 10 Rules of Restaurant Etiquette/ How to treat your servers

Most normal people do not like to be a bad guest at a restaurant. Most of us would like to show courtesy and decorum when going out to eat. We…


Posted by Michael Barclift on November 29, 2011 at 2:30pm — 3 Comments

Where Do We Grow From Here ?

Bartenders and Waiters today are taking their jobs more professionally and seeing it as a true and honest working career, which in my case behind the bar includes the practice of creative mixology as culinary art. Management and ownership want it to be perceived in just that way in hopes of…


Posted by Kyle Branche on April 15, 2013 at 2:00am

Dessert Can Be Dangerous

Do you know what Bananas Foster is? Although it sounds like the name of someone who works at Chuck E. Cheese during the day and then pole dances at night for nickels, it is actually a very…


Posted by The Bitchy Waiter on April 25, 2012 at 3:00pm — 10 Comments

The type of stories filmmaker Lee Godden is seeking for his server-focused documentary "Where's My Food?!"

Seeking Compelling, True Stories

Now Scheduling Interviews with Servers Who Live in/Near Southern California

The producers of "Where's My Food?!" are currently scheduling preliminary interviews with current or former food servers…


Posted by Lee Godden on February 29, 2012 at 11:30pm

Importance of Restaurant Hospitality

When diners come into our restaurants, they're paying for more than just the food. With the prevalence of higher end fast food and ready-to-cook grocery store fare, all available for a fraction of a sit-down restaurant's prices, the food itself you serve doesn't represent the real value. The value is in the service,…


Posted by Waiters Today on December 14, 2011 at 12:30pm

Servers and Bartenders: Brush Up On Your Legal Knowledge

In the state of Indiana, laws governing the sale of alcohol have gone through some crazy changes in the past year. It's been a little confusing, to say the least.  One minute we have to card EVERYONE regardless of…


Posted by Nicole Marlar on July 28, 2011 at 1:30pm

Fun Summer Recipes

Summertime offers several opportunities for get-togethers and cookouts.  I could argue successfully that the best get-togethers and cookouts are hosted by those of us in the restaurant business.  Pitch-in dishes are brought not just to contribute, but are a presentation of our own cooking skills in the attempt to earn bragging rights. In addition, we all get the chance to learn something new, whether it's a cocktail recipe, a cooking technique, or an odd yet tasty…


Posted by Nicole Marlar on July 2, 2011 at 2:30pm

So you think you can wait tables?


Hey everybody, Happy New Year!, Well it seems that I am starting this year with a bang and hopefully you will have the best year ever and all your dreams come true! If you follow my blog, by now you know that I wait tables for a living. According to my coworkers, I am what you call a "Career Waitress", which is code for " I didn't go to college, I like having cash on me at all times and now this is the only…


Posted by Ivonne Canellada on April 30, 2012 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

4 Ways to better communicate with your kitchen: Food for Thought to all waiting staff

Dear Wait Staff

Please take careful note of the simple truths about to be dropped upon you.

They are basic. 

And I know you know them all.

But you do tend to forget...

...brought to you by someone who knows the kitchen...…


Posted by Ben Doane on January 29, 2013 at 7:47pm — 1 Comment

Summer Fun at The Farmer's Markets

I would like to invite everyone to join in on this post by adding comments and suggestions, even if you don't live in the Indianapolis area.  Farmers' markets are found all over the world, and as my chef husband confirms, there's no fresher, riper, picked-when-perfected produce.  Well, unless you grow your…


Posted by Nicole Marlar on July 7, 2011 at 12:30am

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Janet Willson replied to FOHMIstress's discussion Restaurant Shows on TV
"Restaurant strakeout is my favorite.I love to watch this show. Which one is your favorite?"
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<b>Bartender</b> Shootout Benefits Good Samaritan Boys Ranch

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. � The 5th Annual Bartenders Shootout is planned Thursday night, Sept. 18, in benefit to the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch. See More
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A robot <b>bartender</b> will soon be slinging drinks on a...

Robot Bartenders: Why Isaac From \'The Love Boat\' Isn\'t Worried.A robot bartender will soon be slinging drinks on a Royal Caribbean cruise. It's not ... See More
12 hours ago
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Robot <b>Bartenders</b>: Why Isaac From 'The Love Boat' Isn't Worried

A robot bartender will soon be slinging drinks on a Royal Caribbean cruise. It's not just a drink dispenser -- the Makr Shakr's arms can shake a martini, ... See More
16 hours ago
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Liquor Cabinet: Barley Vine, Bristol

Behind the bar you'll find Khalid Williams using fresh, local ingredients and gathering inspiration from some of the most creative bartenders around to ... See More
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Lottery winner makes crazy decision

Make This My Homepage · EPB Fiber Optics · EPB Electric Power. Fair. 5-day forecast. 78 �F | �C. Mountain View, CA. Edit. Go. Cancel. EPB. See More
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Owensboro native's proposal video goes viral

Craig Benzine, of Chicago, is known as Wheezy Waiter on Youtube and ... Chyna Pate, of Owensboro, had been a long-time fan of Wheezy Waiter's ... See More
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The Felice Brothers bounce back from adversity with a 'Favorite <b>Waitress</b>'

Instead, they funneled it back into their art, using the money to record �Favorite Waitress,� the most recent record by the ramshackle band of brothers ... See More


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