Hello There,My name is Ari and I am casting producer at Crybaby media in NYC. A network is developing a potential show about a pair of guys who travel around the country and eat at different buffets.  They hired Crybaby Media to cast the guys. They want us to find 2 guys who are super tight (best friends, brothers, cousins, etc) who are in their late 20's - early 40s.  One guy should have a normal build and the other should be overweight.  These guys should have a natural rapport and love…Continue

Tags: buddies, buffet, waitress, waiter, foodie

Started by Ari K in Sample Title Sep 11.

Insulting, Offensive, and Demeaning Tips? 2 Replies

A regular customer asked me to help settle a disagreement.When the buy uses plastic to pay for a meal, he sets the tip amount so the total charge doesn't have any cents.  For example, if the total was $20.10, and he was going to tip 20%, he'd tip $4.90 so the total charge was $25.00.My customer has a friend who evidently feels adding the additional cents to the tip is somehow insulting, offensive, or demeaning to the server.I certainly don't have any problem with a $4.90 tip on a $20.10 ticket.…Continue

Started by Rob in Uncategorized. Last reply by Rob Aug 17.

Mobile app review

Hi, I ve just created mobile app for cocktails and i would wonder what you think about it....thanks for all your positive but also negative comments whit all staff you d like to implement or improve.

Started by CocktailsGuru in Sample Title May 17.

Tipping Out App 1 Reply

Hey fellow restaurant people!Tipping Out is an App made for restaurant people by restaurant people!Simply setup your profile once with your restaurant name at title and departments name and the percentage they get tippedThen at the end of every shift simply tap the app and insert your sales / tips and tipping out will calculate everything for you!Check us out at Continue

Started by Tipping Out in Sample Title. Last reply by Waiters Today Mar 7.

Scammers 9 Replies

This might help someone to know what to look for.True story. Five ladies and a small child were in my restaurant. Not to be racist but on the off chance that you have the same ladies in your section they were hispanic.Everything was OK, until the end of the meal. They ordered a meal to go. I made the salad freshly and brought the food. I asked if there was anything I could get out of their way. one woman handed me her plate the other four  had their forks poised above the last bites of food,…Continue

Started by Marianne Casper in Sample Title. Last reply by Patti Edson Oct 30, 2014.

Restaurant Shows on TV 11 Replies

I am so hooked on shows like Restaurant Impossible, Restaurant Stakeout, Bar Rescue, Dinner Impossible and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  Do you watch any?  Have a favorite?Continue

Started by FOHMIstress in Sample Title. Last reply by jeremynelson Oct 6, 2014.

LinkedIn 2 Replies

What is the best way to get more to join a LinkedIn group? I am familiar with Facebook and Twitter, but have found that LinkedIn seems to be a bit more difficult. Can anyone offer some advice or tips?  Thanks. LinkedIn GroupWaitress Resume/ Restaurant InsiderContinue

Tags: help, waitress, advice, linkedin, resume

Started by Restaurant Insider in Uncategorized. Last reply by Janet Willson Sep 19, 2014.

How do you transport beer? 9 Replies

Wines and applies to bottle shares or parties and get together of that type.Does anyone have any preference on bottle bags or coolers and things of that nature,any features that you prefer or look for in such a product?Continue

Started by Janet Willson in Sample Title. Last reply by Janet Willson Sep 12, 2014.

Phone Charger Requests? 1 Reply

Do any other waiters get requests for Phone Chargers often?How often per night would you say? Continue

Tags: cell, charger, phone, restaurants

Started by Chris K in Sample Title. Last reply by Waiters Today Aug 9, 2014.

What u do when u have a co-worker jealous? 5 Replies

This guy doesn't talked 2 me @ all bcause I tell him what it's wrong,he never helps,he is good selling but while he is doing it,most of us r running his food. When he doesn't get what he wants he just gets jealous.

Tags: Karen., A server trying to be fair

Started by Karen Lemus in Uncategorized. Last reply by Janet Willson Jul 24, 2014.

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The type of stories filmmaker Lee Godden is seeking for his server-focused documentary "Where's My Food?!"

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Importance of Restaurant Hospitality

When diners come into our restaurants, they're paying for more than just the food. With the prevalence of higher end fast food and ready-to-cook grocery store fare, all available for a fraction of a sit-down restaurant's prices, the food itself you serve doesn't represent the real value. The value is in the service,…


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Fun Summer Recipes

Summertime offers several opportunities for get-togethers and cookouts.  I could argue successfully that the best get-togethers and cookouts are hosted by those of us in the restaurant business.  Pitch-in dishes are brought not just to contribute, but are a presentation of our own cooking skills in the attempt to earn bragging rights. In addition, we all get the chance to learn something new, whether it's a cocktail recipe, a cooking technique, or an odd yet tasty…


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So you think you can wait tables?


Hey everybody, Happy New Year!, Well it seems that I am starting this year with a bang and hopefully you will have the best year ever and all your dreams come true! If you follow my blog, by now you know that I wait tables for a living. According to my coworkers, I am what you call a "Career Waitress", which is code for " I didn't go to college, I like having cash on me at all times and now this is the only…


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Waitresses and waiters selling oysters?

(Bivalve All oysters begin their lives as “spat”, miniscule creatures that emerge by the millions from the parent oyster and then look for something to which they can attach themselves.…


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Servers and Bartenders: Brush Up On Your Legal Knowledge

In the state of Indiana, laws governing the sale of alcohol have gone through some crazy changes in the past year. It's been a little confusing, to say the least.  One minute we have to card EVERYONE regardless of…


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Reserve Responsibly: The Do’s and Don’ts of Reserving a Table at a Restaurant

The Waitress Confessions is a blog about my daily life working as a waitress.  I’ve been working in the food and service industry for over 8 years having experienced the restaurant business from several different angles. My experience has been anything from hostess to waitress and expeditor to floor manager which has inspired me to share…


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